Fashions of 1934

As you know, I am in the long, boring, tedious, and also boring process of moving the photos on my old blog archives to a new server. This means that dozens of posts in the archives are pictureless, which is slightly hilarious in the case of photo galleries like the gallery I posted for Fashions of 1934 last year. Instead of just adding the photos back to the old post, I thought those pics might like a change of scenery, so I’m bringing them over here. If you’re interested in the comments the post got when it first went up, clicken on this linken.


  1. Yes, yes, Bette Davis, insolent eyes, fabulous gowns, all well and good…but check out the way William Powell is rocking that Gladstone collar and cravat!

    1. Powell looks stunning in almost all his movies in the early 1930s. He had the perfect figure for a well-cut suit. Warren William was the same.

    1. Her hair and eyelashes were completely wrong about half the time, at least in my opinion, but that long dress in the top pic and the light gown she’s wearing on the sheet music for the film are amazing. She had a great figure, but being busty wasn’t in back then so her fashions often tried to hide it. That’s why she has those enormous collars in Jimmy the Gent and the white fur stole/collar here in Fashions, to cover her bustline. Later in movies like Girl From 10th Ave and Marked Woman, designers finally figured out how to make her look glamorous, and she’s a real knockout.

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