Happy Carb Hangover Day!

At this moment, the clock has just ticked off 7:15 AM, and it is my understanding most of you are already awake, shopping for whatnots along with approximately 19 million others also shopping for the same whatnots at low, low prices. Frankly, this baffles me, because one of the best things about the internet is a little thing I like to call online shopping, and after a long day of gorging on carbs and poultry, I can’t imagine getting up early feels like the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, El Brendel is still trying to get Thanksgiving dinner started.


Monty Hawes of All Good Things was kind enough to interview me for his Be My Guest feature this month, and the interview has just gone live. Read it here! You’ll learn who I got all my worst social habits from, the first 3D movie I ever (partially) saw, and I also reveal some especially embarrassing things which you can lord over me for years to come. Big thanks to Monty for asking me to join in!

I spend most of my time here on SBBN apologizing for not being here on SBBN, which is what I’m doing now. The last couple of months have been chaos: Vacation -> Unemployment -> Deadlines -> Virus -> Broken Computer -> More Deadlines -> Another Virus. While the deadlines will continue as there are quite a few awesome year-end features going on at Spectrum Culture, I hope the rest has resolved enough that I can finally get some blogging work done.

On that note, I suggest you all familiarize yourself with Episode 10 of The Phantom Creeps, because the final two episode summaries are just around the corner. The overload of both herp and derp in these final episodes has made them a bit more labor intensive than usual, but it’s worth it. So worth it.

USians, please enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend, and to everyone not recovering from Thanksgiving, have a great regular weekend of partyin’ down!