And Now, Some Bonus Robert Osborne Content

    Clips from a few episodes of “Good Morning Britain” from 1989 featuring Neil Diamond being interviewed by the show’s Hollywood correspondent, our good friend Robert Osborne. There’s not much of Bob, just the back of his head and his voice, but I thought the SBBN chapter of the Robert Osborne Fan Club might…

Neil Diamond’s Birthday (And Sordid Past)

What’s knittin’, Kitten?   There is no better way to celebrate Neil Diamond’s 71st birthday than to tease him about the questionable things he did when he was young. Everyone, go thank Capricornonevintage on Flickr for making your day just a little bit brighter. Then send your happy birthday wishes to Neil on Twitter, because…

The Laughing Devil in His Sneer: Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show

Dick Clark was especially cranky that August afternoon in 1966. For a decade he had been asking harmless questions of both guests and giggly teens on “American Bandstand,” but today’s silly subject irritated him, made him self conscious. A professional study had recently claimed most men within a few years would be wearing long hair….

Exciting Hats of 1927!

Leonard Maltin posted a few of his vintage New Year publicity stills today, including this terrific 1927 promotional featuring Patsy Ruth Miller and one of my best pretend boyfriends, Monte Blue.