Neil Diamond’s Birthday (And Sordid Past)

What’s knittin’, Kitten?   There is no better way to celebrate Neil Diamond’s 71st birthday than to tease him about the questionable things he did when he was young. Everyone, go thank Capricornonevintage on Flickr for making your day just a little bit brighter. Then send your happy birthday wishes to Neil on Twitter, because…

Exciting Hats of 1927!

Leonard Maltin posted a few of his vintage New Year publicity stills today, including this terrific 1927 promotional featuring Patsy Ruth Miller and one of my best pretend boyfriends, Monte Blue.

Exciting Hats

Today has been rough. Really rough. Like, my brain has turned into tasty, tasty tapioca and I can no longer pronounce polysyllabic words kind of rough. That’s why I thought this was the perfect time to unleash one of the most pointless posts that has been sitting in my Drafts folder: A post about hats….

Jogging in Jeans

Andy Warhol, Grace Jones, Bill Boggs, Mason Reese, Dina Merrill, and Gordon Parks. Thank the gods for United Studios blog, because otherwise I never would have identified Boggs or Merrill. I believe they’re in Central Park, but why are they jogging? And couldn’t someone have lent poor Andy some sweats?

Tallulah, Redux (Again)

This photo has appeared on SBBN before, but it’s the iconic image from this photo set so I had to include it. This is a series of photos credited as anywhere from 1930 to 1955, most often as September, 1951 at the infamous Ritz Hotel press conference. Yet I noticed her outfit didn’t match the…

Hedda Hopper #2

And now, those publicity stills of Hedda I promised you: Photograph by Victor Georg. This and other photos can be found at Allure — check it out! Irene Dunne, Louise Beavers, Hedda Hopper. From The Daily Mirror. Early 1930s publicity glamour photo, from Stirred, Straight Up, With a Twist. Hedda Hopper and Sam Goldwyn. Hedda…

Hedda Hopper #1

At some point during my many hours of watching older films, I realized Hedda Hopper had been in an enormous amount of movies. I knew she had been an actress, but I learned that fact back in the day when almost nothing she appeared in was available for the general public. Curiosity piqued by her…

Joan Crawford photos for "I Saw What You Did" (1965)

Before we get on with the silly business at hand, I want to thank my BBFF Ivan for bestowing the Stylish Blogger Award upon SBBN! Thank you, Ivan, for the award and for your intense concern about the economic conditions of the Donette industry here in Kansas. See, I was essentially laid off last week…


…and doughnuts.