The State of the Blog: August 2012 Edition

This picture has no bearing on anything (probably) (maybe) (I make no promises), I just thought it was hilarious. It’s Oliver Reed circa 1975, after he was banned from a pub for being a little too Oliver Reed-ey. (ETA: I originally said this was Alan Bates, and if you want to know why — and read the very funny original caption that went with this pic — check out comments!)

SBBN will be a little sparse this month, as August will be extremely busy. I have a lot of reviews for Spectrum coming up — as always, you can see them by clicking the links on the sidebar — plus a vacation at the end of the month. It’s the first real vacation I’ve had as an adult, which is why we have to actually buy a suitcase; the only luggage we had is the stuff my parents bought when I went to the International Science and Engineering Fair in 1988. That’s the last time I flew, too. It’s all very nerve wracking. I suspect I will not travel well.

This month, I will try to get some more Phantom Creeps recaps up, though I doubt much else will be posted. There won’t be a September schedule, either, so keep that in mind.

I do want to make a couple of brief announcements. First, I’m finishing up the sidebar blogroll, so if you don’t like the picture I’m using for you, let me know. I have several blogs to add, and if you want me to add your blog I will try, but the space is limited so I may have to forgo a few blogs I’d otherwise list. My apologies in advance.

And finally, I want to mention that a second SBBN blogathon is in the works! It’s a Camp & Cult Film Blogathon, an idea I have been playing around with for about a year. The official post and rules and such will be up after Labor Day, along with banners, which are undeniably the best part of any blogathon.

As always, drop me an email or comment here on the blog if you need me, and thanks for being patient.



  1. You know I am so in for the Camp & Cult Blogathon, right? Not sure which film I will choose yet…I will need to conduct an inventory of the dusty TDOY archives.

    And you didn’t mention where you;re vacationing! I already know, of course, so I will sit over here with a rather smug expression on my face until people eventually wander over and ask why I’m being so inscrutable.

    1. I hope you’re all in, babe, and I can’t wait to read your entry, don’t care what it’s on.

      Since everyone has wandered over to your side of the party, cocktails in hand while subtling probing you for information, I might as well admit I’m going to Las Vegas. I expect lots and lots of kitsch, and since I grew up near Branson MO, I have a high kitsch threshhold; Vegas going to have to be pretty impressive if it wants to wow me.

    1. I thought so too, but the file name said Alan Bates, and I know the guy who posted it on a forum a couple years ago said it was Bates. But after you mentioned it, I went out to check and I discovered this IS Oliver Reed. I found the newspaper caption from the original as posted on The Daily Mail:

      “Regulars at the village pub where hell raising actor Oliver Reed has been banned by the landlord are boycotting their former local in protest.

      Landlord Mr Brian Duffell imposed the ban at The Cricketers in Ockley Surrey on Christmas Eve after 41 year old star climbed up the chimney and came down to give a barmaid a sooty hug.
      One of Mr Reed’s drinking partners 68 year old Mrs Jennie Gooding said yesterday: “I’m disgusted by the ban. Ollie is a lot of fun and keeps us all amused.’

      …Yesterday Reed was recovering from a bout of New Year revelry at his œ500,000 47 room mansion at Broome Hall Dorking.”

      That’ll teach me for not looking close enough before posting. In my defense, the soot and the goofy expression threw me off.

      1. It’s been days and I’m still embarrassed I got Bates and Reed confused. If only I’d seen that what I thought was soot was really ‘stache, maybe this would never have happened!

  2. You so deserve a vacation and I’ll bet you’ll travel just fine! Except for all the security measures, flying now is a lot like taking Greyhound – much more casual. My advice is to search out capsule wardrobe tips so you don’t have to check full-sized luggage. Unless you want to show off your brand new Louis Vuitton luggage set, that is.

    Have a fantastic vacation!

    1. Thanks shahn! Sadly, I will have to check one bag because some things I want to take (make-up mainly) don’t come in small enough sizes for carry-ons.

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