Elsewhere: The Blogathons, Doughnuts and Doris Days Edition

Here are some things around the web you should be reading, doing or otherwise participating in while I recover from the Raiders of Ghost City-induced ennui.

SBBN will be participating in a couple of blogathons this summer:


The William Castle Blogathon will be hosted by The Last Drive-In and Goregirl’s Dungeon on July 29 through August 2, 2013.


Movies Silently is hosting the Funny Lady Blogathon June 29 and 30, 2013.

There are several more blogathons in the near future, which you can read about at Ivan’s place in this helpful post — and if you have a blogathon coming up or know of any others, feel free to mention them in the comments!

else04Speaking of Ivan, there have been some big doin’s going on at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear. For those who missed it, Ivan’s last Mayberry Monday went up early last week. Mayberry Mondays was immediately replaced with his new serialized television project (pronounced “pro-ject” and not “praw-ject,” because it’s scientifically important) is the wacky Doris Days, a revisit of the bland-o-rama that was “The Doris Day Show.” His first recap is here, and look for more over the next… er, 120-odd weeks, I guess. The man knows commitment.

In the Don’t Say I Never Learned You Nothin’ department:

else02The Coudal Archive’s constantly updated page of Stanley Kubrick stuff.

Donoview on Instagram has a remarkable series of then-and-now photos of film and television landmarks. If nothing else, at least check out the pics for “Hats Off” (1927).

At Geek Tyrant from a few months ago, a page of the executive notes from the studio after watching Blade Runner. “They have to put back more tits,” indeed.

From Paul Ivester, his Guide to Identifying Color Movie Stocks.

Author Harry Connolly’s handy guide on how to use your social networking skills to build a community of assholes. This particular incident started with a problematic romance author, but I spend more time than is strictly necessary in the online sci-fi/fantasy culture and have seen plenty of self-appointed leaders actually follow these steps — never admittedly, of course — to create their else03own set of henchpersons who are more than happy to “defend” their honor. It’s amazing what people will do to suck up to their favorite celebrity or almost-celebrity. It happens so often that when I see someone well known in SF/F who doesn’t have their own internet mob, I immediately want to send them doughnuts or flowers in appreciation. Or flower-flavored doughnuts.

Neat People You Should Read About:

Scott C’s saucy look at the most recent Superman reboot.

From last November, The Mary Murphy who wasn’t my sister by Mark Murphy.

Excellent article by Michelle Dean at The New Yorker on the friendship between writers Mary McCarthy and Hannah Arendt.

David Cairns’ wonderful post on Clarence Muse, one of my favorite character actors, posted at The Chiseler.


More on SBBN forthwith.


  1. Yesterday, I acquiesced to Mumsy’s demands and put on for her one of her Sherlock Holmes movies. It was Sherlock Holmes in Washington, and while Clarence Muse is unfortunately relegated to the usual train porter shenanigans, he really made the part his own and positively shone, rising above the stereotype (it helps that the character helps Holmes in his investigation in the plot).

    And in an amazing coincidence, Don Winslow of the Navy’s Don Terry is also in that film, as an evil butler. Kismet!

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