Welcome to 2009… Here’s your accordion.

It’s a new year, and all I can hope for 2009 is that it doesn’t suck as much as 2008 did. That’s a pretty low bar for 2009 to reach, yet I’m not at all confident 2009 will reach this goal. We’ll see. Let’s get the administrative junk out of the way. The About the Blog post has been revamped, as has the Edits post. I’ve made several edits to posts recently, the most notable being: Added information I received from Jeremy Morgan to the Mrs. Potter post, added links to Louie’s blog in my El Brendel post, and created a new “Wife vs Secretary” photo gallery. Now, on with the fun. It was a film-filled holiday here at Casa del Stacia, which I thought I would share with you all, because it fulfills my need to constantly tell you all about my fabulously fabulous life. Just before Christmas I rented “The Man Who Came to Dinner” again. My husband hadn’t seen it before, it’s a terrific holiday film, and watching it again reminded me just how wickedly funny it is. I think this film more than any other proves wrong those who say Bette Davis doesn’t really act but just plays herself. Part of the reason I watched it, though, was because of Ann Sheridan’s blouse. And if you don’t recall what I’m talking about, let me show you: Hubba. Hubba. Not only is she wearing some clingy flimsy fabric with nothing underneath — and looking even better than … Continue reading

The Twenty Actresses Meme

Ibetolis at Film for the Soul tagged me for the Twenty Actresses Meme. Five days ago. So yes, I’m shamefully behind on my blogging, but I also suck in another way: I almost couldn’t come up with 20 actresses I like. Why? Because I like actors more. There, I said it. Of course I had to ponder this for a while. In real life I don’t prefer men over women, so why should I in movie life? It’s because they have better roles. And there’s more of them. And I find myself wanting to be the male characters simply because they tend to be more intellectual, active, and interesting. The male characters experience life while the female characters tend to be used as objects to illustrate the movie’s philosophy as portrayed through the male. I don’t want to be Susan Alexander, I want to be Charles Foster Kane! Not to mention that serious dramas focusing on women in real life roles — and not as some sexy secretary girlfriend of the male hero — all but disappeared after the early 1950s. Nothing passes the Bechdel Test anymore. This meme originated at Film Experience, where I discover I’m not the only one who likes actors better. Like Movie Viewing Girl, I wonder if I’m just jealous or catty when I say I prefer actors. I won’t deny the possibility. With all that yammering out of the way, here are my 20 favorite actresses: Bette Davis was my first favorite actress. I … Continue reading

TCM Remembers 2008

As always, a moving tribute to those in the film industry who left us in 2008. It’s been a rough year. I never realize just how rough until I watch the montage and see those I thought were still with us. Note: The version TCM showed Friday evening just before 7:00 PM Central had Van Johnson in it, but I don’t believe this version does. I’ll post an update later. Final update: As of January 1st I still can’t find the video on the TCM site, but Moira at Skeins of Thought has the edited version with Van Johnson in it here. They removed Roberta Collins from the montage and added Van Johnson, which is a bit unfortunate. As about 100 people in comments have mentioned, the song playing in the tribute is “God Only Knows” by Joe Henry.