“I pay as I go. My heart is slave to my head. Men are as pleasant and exciting to me as the lavish gowns I adore. I drink the sparkling cup of love because I know my heart will never betray me. I am TALLULAH the MODERN.” — Publicity poster for “Tarnished Lady” “For ten…

TV Party #1

First things first: I’m tired of using labels in my subject lines, stuff like “Recently Watched” or “Short Subject, Feature Film,” so I’m gonna stop doing that. On occasion, I’ll still use a label if I think the situation specifically calls for it, but for most posts I figure tags are enough. So there. At…

Of Blackglama and William Desmond Taylor (no relation)

Out of extreme curiosity, can anyone tell me why hundreds of people all over Canada would have been looking for the Barbara Stanwyck Blackglama advertisement last Saturday? Update: An answer! From Anonymous in comments: A CBC radio show called the Age of Persuasion (an EXCELLENT show) mentioned that ad in a episode about Luxury Advertising….

Short Subject, Feature Film: Condemned (2010) and Double Take (2009)

Many months ago, writer-director Oren Shai was kind enough to send me a copy of his short subject “Condemned” (2010), a tight, engaging film that combines exploitation cinema with the feel of a 1950s genre Western.  Fortunately, Oren has just released the film online here in streaming video. Because it’s online, I won’t spoil a…

Alice, Gertrude, Cecil

Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein, 1935, as photographed by… …Cecil Beaton, 1937, courtesy Chateau Thombeau.