She Blogged By Night 10th Anniversary Giveaway!

She Blogged By Night recently turned 10 years old, and thanks to the generosity of Warner Archive, we can celebrate in style with a good old-fashioned giveaway! Heck, let’s make it two giveaways.

The SBBN Blogiversary and Begging Post

She Blogged By Night celebrates its 8th anniversary today, something that is alternately awesome and horrifying. Thank you to those who have stuck around this long!

Blogiversary Part 6

Six years ago today, SBBN opened its virtual doors. Featuring short articles with small pictures and misspelled words, the early days were heady and volatile, with fewer blogs, far less film sites, and everybody wasn’t on Twitter all damn day. A simpler time. I generally don’t spill the spleen about personal matters like this on…

Blogiversary V: Texas Blood Money

It appears that today is my fifth blogiversary, which is kind of scary but mostly frightening. It’s difficult to believe I’ve been doing this for five full years. Over the past few months, I have been replacing the old broken URLs of my photos at the SBBN archive with the new URLs, and while doing…