The SBBN Blogiversary and Begging Post

She Blogged By Night celebrates its 8th anniversary today, something that is alternately awesome and horrifying. Thank you to those who have stuck around this long! Continue reading

Blogiversary Part 6

Six years ago today, SBBN opened its virtual doors. Featuring short articles with small pictures and misspelled words, the early days were heady and volatile, with fewer blogs, far less film sites, and everybody wasn’t on Twitter all damn day. A simpler time. I generally don’t spill the spleen about personal matters like this on SBBN, but I felt the frequent dead air accompanied with “not feeling well, please stay tuned” posts just weren’t cutting it anymore, and a more detailed explanation was due. Since it ties into why I created this blog in the first place, now is as good a time as any. When I started She Blogged By Night — oh, before I begin, someone cue up the meedle-dee-meedle-dee flashback music and the wavy psychedelic film effects, please? Thanks. Back when I started the blog, writing about film was an almost random decision. I was only looking for something to do, a hobby to get my mind off of what I called a “mystery illness.” I was in the midst of string of bad doctors, skewed Midwestern faux Judeochristian sexist quacks I was stuck with because no clinics that accepted my insurance were taking new patients. It was an exceptionally rough time for me, because I was ill to the point of not being able to do much of anything, but no doctor would believe me. Watching a movie and blogging about it was a low-impact kind of thing that kept me occupied and connected to others. … Continue reading

Blogiversary V: Texas Blood Money

It appears that today is my fifth blogiversary, which is kind of scary but mostly frightening. It’s difficult to believe I’ve been doing this for five full years. Over the past few months, I have been replacing the old broken URLs of my photos at the SBBN archive with the new URLs, and while doing so I’ve had a chance to re-read my older posts. Boy, did I suck on ice when I started out. Not that I’m the second coming of Pauline Kael or anything now, but I like to think I’ve improved. Maybe I’ve even written that proverbial first million words, though I don’t know how that works with film criticism, although I imagine it involves semicolons and long strings of prepositional phrases. In the time-honored tradition of all previous SBBN blogiversaries, I present a lovely assortment of some of my favorite photos collected over the years. Edith Head and Gloria Swanson. Boris Karloff, courtesy Dr. Macro. Richard Schaal, Severn Darden and Del Close of Second City. Robert Taylor. 1931 photo by Robert Coburn of a Hollywood camera crew. Hitch’s usual sense of humor, courtesy Immoral Tales. He’s wearing two ties, one to go with his suit, the other to hang himself with. Such a practical man.   Thank you all for still being here.