Halloween (1978)


The house used in “Halloween” (1978), located at 1350 N. Orange Grove Ave. in Hollywood. Photo originally found here.


The Michael Meyers House, located at 1000 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA. Photo originally found here. It can be seen via Google Street View here, a lone house in the midst of a business district. The user photos at the Google page are particularly nice.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

For everyone who was just gritting their teeth through this month — and I know there were a few of you — don’t fret. SBBN will go back to its regular schedule starting now.


  1. Thanks, Van! I did lose some followers and I saw someone on an anonymous forum say something like “I hate when people change their blog without telling us” and linked to me. But then I started getting a couple dozen more hits on my daily average after they linked, so… yay? Heh.

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