1. Ooooh! Thanks for posting. I got goosebumps remembering the film when I saw your post.
    And is this COOL or what? The word verification is “sobbing” which is what the ghost of the dead governess did in the film.

  2. Yes, one of the best films of the genre. Takes hold quickly and doesn’t let go. I actually saw the photo before reading the title and knew the film immediately. Miles and Flora…what can you say. Kerr wonderful.

  3. Easily one of my favorite films, probably in the top 10. There are some photos of the lake at Sheffield Park which I think were used in the film, too, when she sees the governess on that little island. It looks so pretty but it’s always going to be terrifically creepy to me.

  4. Wow! I wrote a blog post on THE INNOCENTS for Halloween and just watched again with friends last night with the lights out. Spooky stuff! But this gorgeous photo puts a completely different slant on the film. Doesn’t look spooky at all but beautiful. Thanks for all the great pictures.

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