1. I wonder what the rent is like in that place! IF it’s like what I saw in the movie (Rosemary’s baby) then good grief, I could fit my entire suite into the living room!

    Thing is, though, I’d be a wreck living there! Thank God I can’t have kids anymore, or I’d be scared to death of every elderly couple in that building; wondering if they’d want my struggle actor husband to make a deal; they give him success, they use me to bring satan’s child into the world.

    Thus is the power of cinema. I won’t go swimming at the beach of Martha’s Vineyard either.

  2. On another forum I go to, I think I saw that someone who inherited an apartment in The Dakota building was prohibited from living there because the owners didn’t think he was classy or rich enough. I’d love to live there, but I most certainly wouldn’t qualify!

  3. Oh my gosh! Really?! That’s so wrong! In my books, as long as a tenant can pay their rent and keeps their place tidy, doesn’t write on the walls or pee in the elevator, I’d be good with him.

    Couldn’t he dispute it with a rental board or something, or it wouldn’t apply in privately owned apartment buildings?

    That’s sad! In any case, I definitely would NOT qualify!

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