TCM Remembers 2009

The TCM Remembers memorial for 2009:

Another really difficult year. I think that every year, but when I first saw the memorial last night I just lost it, and I continue to lose it on repeat viewings.

The song is “To Live is to Fly” by Steve Earle, off his 2009 tribute album to Townes Van Zandt entitled “Townes.” If you like Earle’s version, I recommend Townes’ as well; they’re both beautiful.

UPDATE: As astute observer James Neibaur told me today, the clip for Dorothy Coonan is actually a clip of Ann Hovey! He’s absolutely right, of course, it is Ann Hovey.

UPDATE x2: As of December 18th, TCM has an updated TCM Remembers with Jennifer Jones added to the montage. She appears just between Edward Woodward and Sam Bottoms, replacing some scenery shots. Which is better than last year, when they removed Roberta Collins for Van Johnson; I’m very happy that they did not delete someone this year when the same situation arose. Thank you, TCM.

Thanks to ForsceDesign at YouTube for uploading (and keeping me from having to learn how to edit a video and upload my own copy), and to Marysara at the TCM forums for identifying the song.


  1. As always, the list is well done. But while I don’t want to be Kanye West or anything, it must be noted that Michael Jackson did appear (or sing) in a few motion pictures, but didn’t appear here.

  2. TCM truly excels at these tributes, and I was stunned to see that I missed several passings (notably Kathleen Byron, Jane Bryan and Pamela Blake).

    Nice choice of song, too. I’ve always felt that if the only thing Van Zandt ever wrote was Pancho and Lefty he’d still be one of the best songwriters of all time. Steve Earle was once famous for the remark: “Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world, and I’ll stand on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that.” (He’s since backed off from that.)

  3. I haven’t seen it yet, but they always do a wonderful job with these (as well as the little musical interludes featuring the star and feature of the month).

  4. I wondered if Michael Jackson would be in the tribute, mainly because of his role in “The Wiz” and his Oscar nominated song “Ben”. It doesn’t surprise me that he wasn’t listed, though.

    Ivan, I was shocked by Sam Bottoms’ death, I had no idea he’d passed on.

  5. Really surprising. I just saw this on TV and couldn’t believe how many character actors had passed on. I wonder if we’ll ever see the likes of these people again. Judging by today’s… not very hopeful.

    I didn’t think the song was too great though, just because of the age of most of the actors, it seemed somehow inappropriate, but the sentiment was still there.

    I wonder if they’ll stick in MJ or Brittany Murphy…

  6. As others have noted, I too missed some passings that I learned of by viewing TCM Remembers 2009. However, TCM did not include actor Philip Carey who passed away on Feb. 6, 2009.

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