Shatnerthonians: Day 2

More terrific submissions for the Shatnerthon! Thank you all, every entry has been absolutely fantastic. I’ll be adding these to the master list here, which is the perfect place to start if you missed yesterday’s submissions because of that whole federal holiday thing.

* Ivan of Thrilling Days of Yesteryear shows off his enormous schwanzstucker archives (he’s very popular) with a post about “Thriller” episode “The Hungry Glass”, starring William Shatner and several lovely mirrors, and “The Grim Reaper”, also with Shatner. Includes bonus “Gilligan’s Island” stars.

* Monty at Hero Worship with a very funny look at “Free Enterprise,” with a Caesar rapping porn lovin’ William Shatner. Awesome in every way.

* mortmere at LiveJournal combines “Gilda” with a hint of Shatnoy slashiness. This is a post after my own heart. You have got to see that poster manip!

* The Floating Red Couch gives us part 2 of his series on Star Trek movies: The Search for Spock. It was in this post that I realized Mr. Couch and I share the same ability to communicate only in “Futurama” quotes. It makes travel to foreign countries a lot easier, as we can both tell you.

* Tony at Cinema Viewfinder discusses the complicated “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”, the difficult path it took from conception to reality, and its place in the current canon. And now I know I must see the director’s cut of this film.