Shatnerthonians Day 5: The Big Finale!

Hooray! The big day is here! Thanks to all of you for joining me for this week of fine Shatner-based products. It has been a hectic week but an absolute blast, and I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Wanting to find out who won the big giveaway? Check in early next week, when I will draw names for the winners!

Submissions for days 1-4 are on the master list now, and today’s will be added soon. If you don’t see your post either here or at the master list, tell me! I will be doing one final Shatnerthon post on Monday or Tuesday, so if there are stragglers or anyone I missed, there is time to catch up.

Today’s submissions are amazing. Hell, every day has had nothing but amazing entries from terrific bloggers. I thought I would get at least one joker with a quickie MS Paint stick figure drawing and “LOL KIRK” as a caption, but no, everything has been phenomenal. Again, thank you all, and thank you William Shatner, where ever you are.


See you after the weekend!


  1. This is so much fun and I haven’t even gotten to half the linked blogs yet.
    Thanks for posting my video–and for hosting the ‘thon that inspired me to make it!
    Now I must watch all these movies…

  2. Thanks very much for including me and for the nice comments – and for all your work to organise all this.

  3. Even tho I can’t contribute more than one word to the Shatnerthon, I’ve enjoyed reading all the contributions, it’s been very fun! Great job, Stacia!

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