1. Pardon me while I drool over that delicious picture of William Powell clutching Bette. His attractiveness is so underrated!

    *Ahem* But I really must track this movie down: 30s fashions, William Powell, Busbey Berkley, and flim-flam artists?!

  2. To many typos in last post – let me try again

    Stacia: Thanks for these great photos! I can never make up my mind about Betty Davis. Is she beautiful? Looking at photos or certain movies, certainly. Looking at other photos she could be willfully ugly. Great actress? She could give a heart stopping performance, yet at times her style grates. For all her famous, blunt directness, I have always found her the most elusive of all the big Hollywood stars. She is absolutely mercurial to me. I can never pin her down. I love her.

  3. It’s quite a fun little movie, and Bette Davis’s clothes were amazing. It’s probably the most gorgeous she ever looked. I’ve always loved that outfit from the first photo you posted.

  4. Note: As of 8/9/2012, the pictures in this gallery have moved to my new blog:


    Thanks everyone! I should have followed up to your comments a year and a half ago when I first posted this, but I suck at time management and was probably so swamped I forgot to come back to this post. But most of you know this already.

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