Holiday Pictures

Holiday pictures, as in pictures to send you off on your government-approved three day holiday. Valid in the U.S. only. The rest of you will just have to enjoy a regular weekend. I’m still cleaning out my Whoops I Forgot To Post This folder, so here we go.

Hollywood Hotel:


I Married a Monster From Outer Space:

Just Imagine:

Wife Vs Secretary:

The Big Heat:

Big Bad Mama:

Have a good weekend, where ever you may be.


  1. I needed this last week when Canada had a long weekend holiday.

    *scribbles note in margin for next year at this time*

  2. Those are a couple of fabulous Bette Davis photos! Hot!

    I wonder if TCM will show Big Bad Mama any time soon? Sounds attractively horrible!

    Enjoy your government-sanction 3-day weekend!

  3. I used to love Bette Davis films, but I haven’t seen Housewife, I will look out for it.
    This has put me in the mood for watching some old films.

  4. It’s a holiday weekend in the UK too (Whitsun bank holiday), so perfect timing. And great pictures, especially those ones of Bette.

  5. You’re welcome babe. I get pretty excited when I get a chance to talk about John Dall. Should start a blog called “fuckyeahJohnDall” and get it out of my system.

  6. There was a terrible German “comic” named Karl Dall (real name), funny like a broken leg, really bottommost drawer.
    Is John of German origin?

  7. Visiting via Infomaniac.

    I love old movies. Currently watching lots of early Marilyn Monroe stuff (1951-1952).

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