Jogging in Jeans

Andy Warhol, Grace Jones, Bill Boggs, Mason Reese, Dina Merrill, and Gordon Parks. Thank the gods for United Studios blog, because otherwise I never would have identified Boggs or Merrill. I believe they’re in Central Park, but why are they jogging? And couldn’t someone have lent poor Andy some sweats?


  1. Who looks the most uncomfortable here? It seems that Grace Jones, with her sense of the absurd, has the appropriate response. The rest are clearly looking for cover. What in the world brought this variety of human kind together? A safe guess would be charity work of some kind.

  2. Stacia is going to scold the next person who mentions Rick Perry — harshly!

    I agree Mykal, it must be a charity event, probably around 1982 or 1983 if the fashions are any indication. (Although Andy’s jeans look to be vintage 1960s.) If anyone can read Boggs’ shirt, speak up! It could be a vital clew!

  3. Bill’s tee shirt says “Midday Live with Bill Boggs” which would place it around 84-85 according to his bio. Seems kind of icky to wear your own promo tee, but hey, it was the eighties.

  4. Woo! Thanks David! I never would have expected someone to wear their own promotional t-shirt, so I was racking my brain trying to think of TV shows or stage plays that would fit the few letters I could make out.

    But I found a video from the show that dates to 1976, so I am not completely sure it was only on in 1984-85.

  5. FINALLY an exercise video I can keep up with! I tried that Billy Blanks VHS and accidentally kicked a lamp over and pulled a groin muscle (not at the same time.

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