Virginia Bruce

This is a repeat from a previous year, but I wanted to re-post simply because it once again uses the same background from other photo shoots, like the Unidentified Hotsy-Totsy — still unidentified!

Halloween Cheesecake: Unidentified Hotsy-Totsy

This unidentified hotsy-totsy (listed as Ruby Keeler on another site, though I don’t believe it is) is fetchingly posed in front of the same bats used on the wall behind Clara Bow in her Halloween cheesecake spread. If you know who this adorable lass is, let me know in comments! UPDATE: Christiane and Bob in…

The Perry Mason Movie Series

After some delay, Warner Archives has released a 2-disc set of all six of the Perry Mason films from 1934 through 1937. To commemorate the release, I thought I’d bring over one of my old posts from the SBBN archives, a quickie summary of all six Mason films from 2009. This was written back before…

Halloween Calendar, 1957

A fabulous example of 1950s commercial illustration. I can’t stop staring at this calendar. Look at their eyes!

State of the Blog: The Projects, Publishing and Pop Stars Edition

I know what you’re thinking: “Uh oh. There aren’t any pictures in this post. That’s never good.” But wait! Before you leave for peppier climes, read this one important bit: Over the next few weeks, I will be importing a lot of posts from the old Blogger site to this one. I’ve already imported three,…