(A Few) November Movies to Watch For

As you know (because I won’t shut up about it) my computer died, so I didn’t have time to do a proper schedule post, but while I’m sneaking a few minutes on my husband’s computer — and he has every single option and preference set incorrectly, by the way, and no that’s not opinion but…

The 3rd Annual Italian Horror Blogathon is Now

Today is the final day of the Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies 3rd Annual Italian Horror Blogathon. This is one of my favorite ‘thons, it’s something I look forward to every year, and I can guarantee you that the entries this year are phenomenal! Check them out here at the main links page. Kevin has also…

The Soul of the Business: The Body Snatcher (1945)

This entry is for the Val Lewton Blogathon, going on now! Head on over to Speakeasy and Classic Movie Man to read the other entries. There are spoilers for The Body Snatcher, my friends. Many spoilers. This is a film you want to watch unspoiled if possible. *** By 1830, the industrial revolution had finally…

Halloween Postcard, Circa 1915

So, this is a goblin with a bat on his crotch, a witch and her pal the Holy Ghost fighting off sentient vegetables, and a disembodied floating pumpkin. Sure, makes sense. Published by John Winsch, I believe this was the work of Samuel L. Schmucker. It’s a cut-and-paste job of a card, with bits of…

Halloween Jell-O

Vintage Halloween ad, also from Breakroom of the Glorious Worker’s Paradise.

Barack Obama and Ann Dunham, Circa 1965

Too adorable not to post: President Barack Obama and his mother Ann Dunham on Halloween, circa 1965, courtesy sunsetgun on Tumblr. For other presidential Halloween pictures, check out this terrific site with pics of White House Halloweens going back to the Eisenhower administration. Note the scariest damn pumpkin ever at Amy Carter’s party.

Joan Crawford, 1933

This is always a favorite: Joan Crawford on the cover of the Halloween edition of Rexall Magazine, 1933. This is from Breakroom of the Glorious Worker’s Paradise, which has an enormous spread of great vintage Halloween pictures. You should visit their site; you will not be disappointed.