1. I have a couple of El film questions:
    1, do you know if Janet Gaynor musical Delicious is worth a watch?
    and 2, ever seen Olsen’s Big Moment? According to IMDb, it stars El, and his character’s name is even part of the title. Whatever it is, I hope it’s good! There are so few feature length films that actually star El Brendel, so I hope this is one of ’em.

    1. I kind of liked Delicious, personally. It’s goofy in the same way Sunnyside Up is, but if you go into it knowing it’s going to be a silly early talkie, you’ll be good. El’s featured song Blah Blah Blah was really popular when the film was released, too.

      Olsen’s Big Moment is a movie I have around here but haven’t seen it yet.

  2. Wow, if you have a copy of Olsen’s Big Moment send it on over. The only copy I know of is at UCLA!!

    1. Uh oh, I must not have a copy of it then. I have a small stack of El Brendel discs, a couple from a friend of mine, and I thought I had the one that had Joe Sawyer had a small role in — that would be Olsen’s, but if it’s that rare then I’m sure I don’t have a copy. I don’t know where my spindle is so until I find it, I won’t know what I had Olsen’s confused with. D’oh.

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