Raiders of Ghost City Post Tomorrow!

It will be up tomorrow, I promise – I forgot today was Thursday! Gee, that “I’m going to post every Thursday without fail” goal of mine sure held up, didn’t it?


  1. It’s a darn shame that “The Blogger” is so cynical. We were there at the time, and all of this stuff is true, except “Ghost City” was really Corriganville, a real life “fake” town in the Simi Valley. How do we know? Cause if you look very carefully you can see Max Terhune’s (the cowboy ventriloquist) dummy hanging next to him in the old oak tree. Everyone knows that there were no oaks in Ghost City. So… the oak must be on us!

    1. Sorry you comment wasn’t approved for a few days, the spam filter caught it.

      Strangely enough, I was just looking up Corriganville for this week’s recap, because I’m pretty sure that’s where the standoff that finished chapter 7 was filmed. Many of Universal’s serials were filmed at Corriganville that year, though Max Terhune’s serials at the time were at the Iverson Ranch, which is my runner-up guess for where Raiders was filmed.

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