Update: The October Edition

halloween-anita-pageArbogast on Film may or may not be open for the holidays! We all love Arbo and are glad he returns to us, even if it is only once a year.

My husband’s art blog The Fuzzy Skeletonian has launched his 2013 Octoberweenpaloozaganza: Crumple Mania, so stop on by! As always, his blog has gory content of an adult nature, so it is NSFW.

Most years, I post classic Hollywood Halloween photos on SBBN, but I have a busy month ahead, so I’ll be randomly posting a few Halloween photos (with quite a few reposts from previous SBBN years) over at my Tumblr. Note that my Tumblr can occasionally be NSFW, but I use the NSFW tag, even for manbutt, so I believe you can filter it easily.


I will be doing The Monster and the Ape for my new classic movie serial recap series, and these would usually go live on Thursdays, but my hands are not faring well after ten articles and posts in eight days, so give me a day to recover.


Some of my more recent posts elsewhere:

My DVD review of The Undying Monster at ClassicFlix.

My review for A Single Shot (2013) starring Sam Rockwell, Melissa Leo and William H. Macy at Spectrum.

A new Minnelli Oeuvre piece on The Bad and the Beautiful (1950) at Spectrum.


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I’ll be participating in two blogathons in October: The Hitchcock Halloween Blogathon over at Backlots, and my third (and hopefully finally successful) try at the terrific Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies Italian Horror Blogathon. Long-time SBBN readers will remember I had planned on doing Orgasmo in 2011, but got sick and couldn’t finish it. Then I tried again in 2012 and the power source on my computer went out. This year, as god is my witness, this post will get done.


The new SBBN layout is essentially done, though I plan on fiddling with things a bit. If you’re wondering how you navigate the new site, a few tips:

* The slideshow at the top of the main page has the last five posts, which can be seen either by clicking on the photo as it is shown in the slideshow, or scrolling down on the page.

* All my social media links can be found in the floaty-boxes thing on the right side: Twitter, Tumblr, Letterboxd, the RSS feed for the blog, and my Flickr.

* The blogroll and other parts of my sidebar don’t show up on the main page, but will be visible on the individual blog pages.


That’s basically it. Sorry this is so boring. Boring boring boring. I could really use some breakfast right now.


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