Vampyr (1932)

  Castle from Vampyr (1932), located in Courtempierre, France. It is known as Castle Courtempierre, and was built in about 1357 for Etienne Ferrant. A fascinating (French) history can be found here.

The Omen (1976)

The mansion home of the Ambassador and family from “The Omen”. Courtesy a satellite view via Virtual Globetrotting.  

The Exorcist (1973)

3600 Prospect Ave, Georgetown, Washington DC, as seen in The Exorcist. I’ve been told the stairs outside the apartment that we so famously see in the film aren’t near the building, but they are somewhere nearby on the same street. This pic is from an excellent flickr feed here with several Exorcist-related photos here.  

Poltergeist (1982) and Poltergeist III (1988)

  The house from Poltergeist, located at 4267 Roxbury St. in Simi Valley. Picture originally found here. The Hancock Building, seen as the apartment building in Poltergeist III. Photo from here.

Hellraiser (1987)

The house in “Hellraiser”, 187 Dollis Lane, London. This is the only photo I could find, courtesy movie-locations. The house was apparently for rent sometime in the recent past. The house is at the top of a hill overlooking Cricklewood Lane, near Production Village Studios where interiors were filmed.

Evil Dead (1981)

 The Evil Dead cabin circa 1979. Sam Raimi is standing to the right of the house. Photo courtesy Book of the Dead.     Another photo of the cabin from Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. It’s long since been burned down, but you can see a great blog entry with pictures from 2006 of…

Peeping Tom (1960)

  Director Michael Powell’s home at #8 Melbury Road, W14, London, used as Mark’s childhood home as seen in the home movies in Peeping Tom. Nearby #5 Melbury Road was used for Mark’s adult home, but #5 has since been torn down. Original photo found here.     Caffe V. The building was used as…

The Munsters (1964)

The Munster house, at fictional address 1313 Mockingbird Lane. The house was built on the aforementioned Colonial Street and is now 4351 Wisteria Lane on “Desperate Housewives.” Colonial Street houses were first built for So Goes My Love (1946), but then dismantled and stored for a few years until 1950 when they were reassembled for…

Psycho (1960)

  Oh, the Psycho house and the Bates Motel. It’s… it’s a long story. The house was built on a hill at the Universal backlot near what was called Singapore Lake and is now known as Jaws Lake. Wikipedia slightly misstates things when they say the house and motel were built on the same stage…