Three Wise Girls (1932)

For anyone interested in using these posts in research, please read the note at the bottom of the page. Thank you. This post originally appeared at and a copy can still be found at the Internet Archive here. *** Note: The old screencaps from the terrible copy of this film I viewed in 2008 were lost in a server move and are no longer on this post. Further, please note that there are several errors in this post. An update with pictures and corrections will be available sometime in 2015. Maybe. Please stay tuned! – Several weeks ago I decided to focus on movies that I want to see, rather than films I feel I “should” see. I haven’t forgotten that promise to myself, but at the same time, I have a backlog of about 50 movies in the “should” pile. “Three Wise Girls” is one of these movies. “Three Wise Girls” is a simple morality tale about the sins of city life and kept women. It’s mostly notable for being an early Jean Harlow performance and one of the last films Harlow made before going on to lasting pre-code fame at MGM. Cassie (Jean Harlow) works as a soda jerk and is jealous of her friend Gladys’ high-paying New York job. Cassie’s mother says they make plenty to get by on, but when Cassie sees Gladys’ mother with a brand new car, courtesy of Gladys, Cassie goes to New York. We cut immediately to New York where Cassie … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, El

March 25th is the birthday of our favorite universally-hated comedian El Brendel, who was born in 1891. As a rather belated present to El — he died in 1964 — we at She Blogged By Night have created an “El Brendel” tag just for him. Click it to see all the posts that feature El. And as a present to my loyal readers, I promise to post less about Brendel and move on to other things. It will be hard, but with a bit of work and a spot of good weather, luck and determination and the love of a good woman, I think we can do this. Group hug, everyone?

Out of the Past (1947)

“The night pleases us because it suppresses idle details, just as our memory does.” Jorge Luis Borge, Labyrinths   “Unlike many of the frivolous noir semi-goddesses, Greer’s sexiness was derived from sheer cunning. She did not rely on the parodistic flirtations so common to the counterfeits of the genre — while entertaining actresses, they lacked the appeal and darkness of the authentic femme fatale. …She possessed the perfect on-screen persona of a post-war desolation angle.” – Michael Mills, Modern Times   “If ‘Out of the Past’ seems in some ways like a typical film noir, this is only because Tourneur’s constant preoccupations — the unreliability of appearances, the helplessness of people to resist their obsessions and avoid becoming the victims of an apparently impersonal fate — are also those of the genre.” — Chris Fujiwara and Martin Scorcese, The Cinema of Nightfall: Jacques Tourneur   “Kathie is a fascinating construct typical of the times. Like other of noir’s ‘deadly females’ …she embodies postwar fears that women, having contributed mightily to the war effort and moved into “men’s work,” might abandon the domestic sphere entirely, causing all manner of social mayhem. She’s the culmination of the self-consumed, anti-domestic, anti-social female…and even the most powerful men around her can’t comprehend or control the violent forces she represents.” — Gary Morris, Bright Lights Film   “Tourneur’s compositions and lighting schemes insistently involve the characters with their surroundings, creating a sense of human interaction as a tapestry.” — Chris Fujiwara and Martin Scorcese, The … Continue reading

The She-Creature (1956)

I discovered this movie in the most roundabout way possible. A few months ago I was on a quest to find everything I could about El Brendel and I stumbled across this film, which excited me more than it really should have. A bad 1950s B-movie with The Elster in it? Starring Chester Morris, the angry star of all those 1930s pre-code wonders? Available on DVD with another 1950s B-movie? Heaven! I must have this film! I ordered a copy and camped out by the mailbox waiting for Acme Delivery to arrive. After a day or so of leaning against the mailbox I started getting pity waves from the neighbors, thus decided I should finish waiting inside. Waiting involved watching “Mystery Science Theater 3000”, one of my favorite TV shows, so I grabbed a disk and read the label. The next MST3K episode in my pile to watch? “The She-Creature”. Oh. It was a season 8 episode of the show. A little more hunting online and I found nearly a dozen blogs who have already reviewed and summarized this film, probably a hell of a lot better than I’m going to. Oh. But as you know, I was in a film funk for a while, and I thought “The She-Creature” would be just the thing to snap me out of it. I love watching 1950s B-movies, the stuff that filled the programs in drive-ins across the country, and this is one of the more competent and fun B-films I’ve seen. … Continue reading