Happy Birthday, El

March 25th is the birthday of our favorite universally-hated comedian El Brendel, who was born in 1891. As a rather belated present to El — he died in 1964 — we at She Blogged By Night have created an “El Brendel” tag just for him. Click it to see all the posts that feature El.

And as a present to my loyal readers, I promise to post less about Brendel and move on to other things. It will be hard, but with a bit of work and a spot of good weather, luck and determination and the love of a good woman, I think we can do this.

Group hug, everyone?


  1. Hey, I LIKE El Brendel, and to prove it, go to the forums at scarletstreet.yuku.com and look under “Comedy Tonight.” There is quite an El Brendel thread that I started which refuses to die. Yes, it’s slightly tongue in cheek, but darn it, I’m sincere about it. I even recommended this blog for iot’s Brendel-friendly stance, which, as we know, is a rare thing on the net.

    Happy Yumpin’ Birthday, El Brendel!

    “King of Jazz”

  2. Hi King! I have been to Scarlet Street several times and I think we’ve exchanged a few words on its classic El Brendel thread. It’s a terrific forum – and thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Wow; I’ll have to reread the Scarlet thread–sorry I didn’t catch the connection with your name right away.

    By the way, ever see IF I HAD MY WAY (1940) with Bing Crosby (currently part of a DVD set)? It has a pretty good EB supporting role. It was directed by none other than David Butler, who guided EB through SUNNY SIDE UP and the infamous JUST IMAGINE.


    King of Jazz

  4. “If I Had My Way” has been on my to-do list for quite a while, but I never made the connection with David Butler before. I have a picture somewhere of El with Bing in that film, and he looks rather adorable.

  5. It’s a fascinating film, for a look at some genuine stars of vaudeville making a rare appearance. Some of it terribly un-PC, but I’m bored to tears trying to explain how cultural things were different back then for not necessarily nefarious reasons. Even Mr. Brendel would probably be banned today for his mock Svedish accent!

  6. I am so very glad I found this blog! It is amazing. The fact that you blogged about El Brendel puts you squarely in the “genius” category. Mr. Brendel has long been a source of irritation/fascination for me and one of my dearest friends for a long time.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. My, the curse does strike at odd times, doesn’t it?

    I’m glad you posted, too. You’ll never believe this, but I stumbled across your blog about 2 months and and then couldn’t find it again. I was positively tickled to click on the blog link in your profile and find it again! And you’ve posted Mr B Natural since then! Oh, Mr B…

  8. Well, I am flattered. I just started blogging again so forgive the haphazard appearance of my little dog and pony show. I am glad someone is reading, though. I gave your blog a shameless plug yesterday, and I can guarantee at lease one new reader!

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