January Movies to Watch For

Are we dead? Did the Mayan spaceship blow us up on the winter solstice? No? Then sit your big butts back down on those couches and start watching movies like God and Greyhound intended! Here are some films on Fox Movie Channel, Sundance and TCM for the month of January that you might be interested in. Remember, these movies may be edited, time compressed, in the wrong aspect ratio, have commercial interruptions, or contain subliminal messages compelling you to toss articulated bodies off cliffs as part of a series of elaborate insurance scams. You know how it goes. All times Eastern.   FOX MOVIE CHANNEL Night Train to Paris (1964) January 1, 4:50 AM (early morning) Leslie Nielsen as a retired secret agent on one last mission in Paris. This gets horrible reviews, so beware!   TRIPLE FEATURE ON JANUARY 2ND: Leave Her to Heaven (1945) at 6:00 AM Daisy Kenyon (1947) at 8:00 AM Laura (1947) at 10:00 AM Fox Movie Channel rarely has more than two films in a row worth watching, but this is a terrific line up that you might want to marathon on the 2nd. If you’re not still hung over from the 31st, that is.   The Driver (1978) January 10, 1:15 PM Director Walter Hill’s cult fave about an obsessed cop (Bruce Dern) after a getaway driver (Ryan O’Neal).   Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence (1939) January 10, 4:50 AM (early morning the 11th) A New Yorker’s adventure on the way to … Continue reading

Have a Happy Holiday Weekend!

Hope your holiday is Divine!

The White Shadow (1924)

…it seems Hitch had created one of his earliest secret monsters: Someone who appears normal enough to other characters and the audience, but who is later revealed to be quite dangerous. Continue reading

TCM Remembers 2012

This year’s TCM Remembers, thankfully posted by TCM this year (which means you don’t have to rely on my iffy video editing skills to watch it on YouTube, and that benefits us all). Thanks to eagle eyed SBBN man about town Kingo Gondo for letting me know the video was up! It is a lovely tribute, but I am going to be honest: It’s unfortunate that they had so many people shown for a single brief second while indulging in lengthy gaps for all the filler and atmosphere. But hey, go check it out yourself and see what you think. Update 1/14/2013: It appears TCM has made the video private on YouTube. It can still be found here on Vimeo.

The Late Movies Blogathon: 10 Laps to Go (1936)

One gets the impression that the production was tickled to have Marie in the film, in part because of those scenes that seem to be added in to expand her part. She also gets some lovely close-ups, and even though she’s a little puffy and pale, older of course — time stops for none of us — she looks good… Continue reading

Elsewhere Today: Writin’ For Spectrum Culture

I have three reviews up on Spectrum Culture today, which should explain why things have been a little quiet around here: Revisit: Death To Smoochy (2002): “…Underneath the obvious joke, Death to Smoochy is practically Shakespearean in its tragedy. Children’s entertainment is used as an analogue for the entire entertainment biz, not merely the crooked world of kid’s shows. The focus is less on the business itself than on its effect on individuals, like former child star Buggy Ding Dong (Vincent Schiavelli), now a drug-addled, urine-covered hit man. Spinner Dunn (Michael Rispoli) had been a boxer, a man once well paid to punch another man for the entertainment of others, now a goofball left with the mind of a young child. Everyone in the biz has been broken by it in some essential way, their dreams discarded as a world of fame, money and groupies overwhelmed them, then discarded them.” *** Addicted To Fame (2012): “Director David Giancola warned Anna Nicole Smith and her partner Howard K. Stern that if she did not complete Illegal Aliens, he would replace her by having her alien character morph into a banana, then he would release the behind-the-scenes footage of her antics and she would be put on, as Giancola said, “the acting blacklist.” The acting blacklist, mind you, as though there is a large leather-bound tome kept hidden in a dungeon somewhere just south of Burbank, guarded by wizened old character actors in retirement, names of misbehaving personalities carefully recorded in the … Continue reading