Joan and Renee

Renee Adoree

Joan Crawford
Both portraits credited on various websites to Ruth Harriet Louise, circa 1928.

I had to fight the urge to title this post “What The Hell Lead Up To This?”


  1. dfordoom says:

    Whatever the hell it was, the photos are fascinating!

  2. Trulyfool says:


    Definitely sinister. Catlike? Implike? Demonettes? Devotees of some ‘black art’ I’d rather not think about?


  3. Anonymous says:

    They look like test shots for some Hollywood remake of Les vampires.


  4. KING OF JAZZ says:

    Maybe it was a secret studio cult.

  5. Stacia, ¿te ha dado miedo mi página web o mi blog? ¿Es acaso “patriotismo”? Sé que ustedes están muy perseguidos. Bueno, perseguirse es una opción. Un estilo de vida, una cultura.
    Amilcar Moretti

    Stacia, have you been afraid my website or my blog? Is it patriotism? I know you are very persecuted. Well, one option is pursued. A lifestyle, a culture. As ls cavalry in westerns. Better yet, as the car chases in the old gangster movies.
    Amilcar Moretti

  6. Stacia, creo que he cometido un error. Un error de apresuramiento eni mail anterior. Disculpas. Excusas.
    Te felicito por tu trabajo, voluntarioso, con ingenio, inteligencia y belleza.
    Amilcar Moretti

    Stacia, I think I made a mistake. An error of haste eni previous mail. I apologize. Excuses.
    Congratulations for your work, willing, with wit, intelligence and beauty. A major task of rescue and memory.
    Amilcar Moretti

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