Hedda Hopper #2

And now, those publicity stills of Hedda I promised you:

Photograph by Victor Georg. This and other photos can be found at Allure — check it out!

Irene Dunne, Louise Beavers, Hedda Hopper. From The Daily Mirror.

Early 1930s publicity glamour photo, from Stirred, Straight Up, With a Twist.

Hedda Hopper and Sam Goldwyn.

Hedda and Tallulah and an accidental photobomber.

Hedda under her hats circa 1952, the year From Under My Hat was published. Courtesy Stirred, Straight Up, With a Twist.


  1. The photo with Louise Beavers and Irene Dunne is rather amazing. The three women are holding onto each other with obvious fondness for this candid moment, yet once the cameras rolled, Louise was forced to treat their characters with subservience and deference.

  2. She always had a knowing and wry twist to her expression- very effective for playing society women. I think she comes off rather like Irene Rich at times, though with less sympathy.

  3. Hey Operator! Good grief, I did use a lot of the same pictures you did. I need to remember to check your site before posting photo galleries. I’m genuinely serious about that. When I got pics directly from Allure, I noted that in the file name. But over the years when I grabbed pics from photo blogs, I often couldn’t figure out the original source, and it was probably Allure half the time.

    Like you, Eric, I think Hedda was a pretty decent actress even if she was limited in range.

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