No More Ladies (1935) redux

Somehow, I ended up with a pile of great promotional photos for No More Ladies, so here they are. How’s that for an introduction? “I gots some pictures. Look at them, dammit!”

This collar haunts me in my nightmares.

Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead near food in that gown. Or inks or liquids or excitable schoolboys, for that matter.

By George Hurrell.


  1. Maybe the giant collar is something I should consider wearing when I next visit the dentist. It could have many protective uses.

  2. That collar is giving me funny images of Joan teaching a first-grade class. “Now children, we’re going to put our heads through the hole in the paper…”

  3. I’m getting a Flying Nun vibe from the collar.

    You wouldn’t want to get yogurt stains on that gown.

  4. There were multiple times that Tone was giving Montgomery that look. It was played as mischief, but you can’t hide subtext from me, MGM!

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