Adrienne Ames

The glamour of Adrienne Ames would not be denied; despite my long-ago promise otherwise, I will be posting my pics here on the blog instead of on Tumblr. I’d say I was sorry, but I’m not sorry, and admit it, neither are you.



    1. I’ve been collecting these Adrienne Ames pictures for FIVE YEARS. They were going to mutiny if I didn’t let ’em out.

  1. Sorry don’t feed the bulldog. Fortunately, the bulldog is too busy salivating, whistling, and bugging his eyes out like a Warner Brothers cartoon wolf.

  2. Quite aside from decorating this blog, there are Tumblr sins which tend to rival Blogger sins. (Blogger now threatening to disable the original interface that so many of us returned to instead of using the piece of offal “update” they released.)

    1. I noticed Tumblr would be down for a few minutes literally every time I used it. Also, regarding Blogger, the last time I tried going to their help forums they were literally overwhelmed with people whose blogs would not work because of the new interface. What I think is going to happen is that people will just stop blogging once Blogger becomes unusuable, because WordPress is not user-friendly and there aren’t really any other options out there.

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