Elsewhere: The Adorable Dogs and Hollywood Butts Edition

human-factor-movie-poster-1980-1020232860Things I’ve written elsewhere, and other stuff around the interwebs lately:

My piece on The Human Factor (1979) as an underrated gem is up at Spectrum Culture. This is now available on MOD DVD at Warner Archives, in a print that I absolutely adored, because the grain was kept — all that delicious, nutritious 1970s grain — and it looks gorgeous.

I don’t have Warner Archives Instant, but many of you do, so I thought I’d do a little browsing around and found a few things you might be interested in:

  • Night Flight (1933) – Insane John Barrymore pre-Code that I’m not sure has even been on TCM before. An all-star cast and apparently a plot based on The Little Prince.
  • Madam Satan (1930) – This one’s a no-brainer. If you haven’t seen it, and you have Warner Instant, go watch this now. Just… seriously, just stop everything you’re doing and go. Previous SBBN posts on Madam Satan can be found here and here.
  • Simon (1980) – Available in high definition from Warner Instant. Just a few years ago you couldn’t even get a copy of this, now it’s on MOD DVD and Warner Instant. My Criminally Underrated post for Simon is here at Spectrum Culture.

the-pirate-posterAnd, finally, my Oeuvre post for Vincente Minnelli’s The Pirate. Warning: I talk about Gene Kelly’s butt.


Around the web:


Several months ago, I was given the incredible opportunity to write for ClassicFlix, the classic movie rental site. Though their site is still in beta, I am pleased to announce some of our articles have been going live over the last few weeks. My first article for ClassicFlix is “Pre-Code Obsession: Introduction to Pre-Code Cinema,” with more to come in the near future. I’ll be listing them in the sidebar.


And finally, a quick note about the blog: I’ll be updating the header and sidebar soon, so if the blog ever looks really strange, that’s why. No need to panic, unless it disappears completely, then you can panic a little.

With any luck, a couple of posts for Warner Archive releases will go up this week before Labor Day. Have a good one!