King Kong (1933)

king-kong-exhibition-print-bachrach-725pxThis exhibition print by noted Hollywood still photographer Ernest Bachrach is the best King Kong promotional ever.


king-kong-by-ernest-bachrach-1933-725pxAnother Bachrach exhibition print. Bachrach did a notable series of photos of Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s. During his time at RKO, he did a lovely set of close-up stills on Katharine Hepburn for Alice Adams, several of which can be seen here at the listings for a recent Profiles in History auction. A short blurb about retouching these photos can be found at The Katharine Hepburn Theatre.


king-kong-fay-wray-555pxMerian C. Cooper and Fay Wray demonstrate the mechanism used to secure her inside the mechanical monkey’s grip during filming.


king-kong-fay-wray-2-500px-2Fay’s tattered island couture.


  1. Mark Hamill recently said that men have the same relationship with King Kong that women have with Gone With The Wind.

    1. Ha! Although I suspect women don’t have the same romantic swooning relationship with GWTW as they did a few decades ago.

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