The SBBN TSPDT1K Watchlist Update

Yes, I’m still on a mission to watch all 1000 of the They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? best films list, and no, I’m not doing very well.

Recently watched from the TSPDT1K list:
26. 400 BLOWS, THE (François Truffaut / 1959)
27. MIRROR (Andrei Tarkovsky / 1974)
39. GRANDE ILLUSION, LA (Jean Renoir / 1937)
307. WHERE IS THE FRIEND’S HOME? (Abbas Kiarostami / 1987)
317. WEEK-END (Jean-Luc Godard / 1967)
333. CLÉO FROM 5 TO 7 (Agnès Varda / 1961)
458. DOWN BY LAW (Jim Jarmusch / 1986)
461. WITHNAIL & I (Bruce Robinson / 1987)
552. LUSTY MEN, THE (Nicholas Ray / 1952)
621. HOOP DREAMS (Steve James / 1994)
640. BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT, THE (Rainer Werner Fassbinder / 1972)
726. HAINE, LA (Mathieu Kassovitz / 1995)
728. FUNNY GAMES (Michael Haneke / 1997)
892. DUEL (Steven Spielberg / 1971)

I attempted three movies on the TSPTD list and couldn’t finish them, but I won’t tell you which they were because you’ll just laugh at me. I’ll try again later when I have more patience. Also on my watched list are quite a few films I’d seen large chunks of, but to get marked off the list, I have to see the whole film. Them’s my rules.

Also watched, from the IMDb top 250:
#108 Inglourious Basterds
#167 How to Train Your Dragon (2010)
#181 The 400 Blows (1959)
#193 Black Swan (2010) – Rumors about this film’s campy uselessness were greatly exaggerated.
#236 La Haine (1995)

And 701. LIVES OF OTHERS, THE (Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck / 2006), which is a film I’d already seen but failed to mark as watched on my list back when I first compiled it.

Up next will probably be a Disney marathon just to get that shit over with (I hate classic Disney films, and just FYI, no amount of hollerin’ will change my mind) and then I’ll start in on the stack of TSPDT films I bought for this project.

Keep your eyes peeled for an SBBN update, hopefully next week.

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