Recently Watched: Nobudy Cumz In Here Sekrit Edition

First up in this summer’s pre-scheduled semi hiatus posting endeavor is “Buckaroo Banzai.” I’d summarize the plot of “Buckaroo Banzai” but I don’t have a clue what the plot is about, Phil. Not a fucking clue. I have a shell the size of a fist in my head. Guys, I’m serious. I paused probably a dozen times through this movie to figure things out — and this wasn’t even my first viewing! Of course, the only thing I remembered about the movie was this, which I could only get a pretty cruddy screencap of, sorry: Also that Peter Weller is so fucking hot I could just die, I mean goddamn. I rarely care what people look like, it’s a strange quirk and it gets a bit awkward when people talk about the latest sexy celebrity and I’m all “Brad Pitt is cute? Since when?” — you get the side-eye and the slow backing away when you say that, by the way — but with Peter Weller, man, I dunno. It’s insane. Any movie, any interview, any era, no matter what he’s wearing or how he looks. If I was within 20 miles of the man I would fall to pieces. Pieces. The set is crammed to the ceiling with lots of hose, wires, neon and the occasional Sterno can. It’s glorious. I could look at this movie all day. And yet, there are so many questions. Why do outfits change in the middle of scenes? Why is Buckaroo out of … Continue reading

The Christopher Nolan Blogathon: The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige: Revenge, obsession, deception, sacrifice, tragedy. – This is my entry for the Things That Don’t Suck Christopher Nolan Blogathon. A few notes: I am revising this entry on 6/18/10 based on a second viewing of the film. I thought a very long while about whether or not to reveal spoilers to “The Prestige”, because this is a movie where you don’t fully realize what has occurred until well after you’ve stopped watching it. With that said, there will be spoilers. *** The Prestige (2006) opens just a few weeks prior to the “present time,” when Angier (Hugh Jackman) falls through a trap door for his magic act, only to find himself land in a water box under the trap door instead of on a mattress. (“Present time” refers to about 1899; Nolan structures the film in flashbacks within flashbacks which roughly correlate to six years ago, three years ago, and “present time”, i.e. approximately 1893-1899.) Angier becomes trapped in the water tank, is locked in, and Borden (Christian Bale) watches as he drowns. Borden is arrested and convicted of the murder of Angier, mainly due to Angier’s friend and assistant Cutter (Michael Caine) testifying against him. As Borden waits to be hanged, a lawyer shows up with Angier’s diary and a promise of money and safety for his young daughter, but only if he will give up the trick to his teleported man act to a rich gentleman named Lord Cordlow. Later in the film, we find that … Continue reading

Tura Satana

Tura on the set of “Irma la Douce” with Billy Wilder. In “Irma la Douce.” “The Key to the Carrera” by artist Shag (Josh Agle). Nude pics of Tura at the Spiderpool can be found on technoknob. NSFW.

Bruce Lee

Click to enlarge. A prop dart from “The Green Hornet.” From the recent Profiles in History auction of “Green Hornet” mementos, including Kato’s hat! The Bruce Lee and Green Hornet items start on this page. Click to enlarge. A certificate from Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute. Below are some pages from Bruce Lee’s handwritten notebook for The Tao of Jeet Kun Do. Click the pages to enlarge:

A Little Detective Work: The Only Thing (1925)

This picture has been making the rounds of Tumblr blogs, and it’s listed as “Lon Chaney, 1920s”. That’s not Lon Chaney; I think it’s a still from The Only Thing (1925), and here’s why: The first thing I do in these situations is look for the still code written in the corner of the photo, and compare to these two great resources: Jon Marsalis’ Silent Film Still Archive and Silent Hollywood’s Movie Still Code List. The still code is hard to read here because of one number, but I think we can eliminate this being “223-113” (a 1925 Norma Shearer flick called “Slave to Fashion”) or 0223 (“Back to Life”). That weird squiggle must be an 8, then, as in “228-113”. This places it as an MGM film, probably released in the last half of 1925. MGM production/still numbers don’t go strictly in order, by the way; if you look at MGMs production list, you’ll see movies like The Big Parade with a still code number of 229 released after The Midshipman which is 230. The still code numbers are fairly reliable in indicating when a film was released, though. So while I couldn’t recognize the actor, I knew that actress was Eleanor Boardman in a long blonde wig. That means one cast member, the studio and the date the film was made were known. Add this review where Mordaunt Hall remarked specifically that “Eleanor Boardman, her head covered with long, blond hair, figures as the Queen” in The Only … Continue reading

Madeline Kahn

Photo courtesy Lily Tomlin. Click to enlarge.

Alan Arkin

With Jayant, Wallace Shawn, William Finley, and Austin Pendleton in “Simon.” With Blythe Danner in “Hearts of the West.” With Carl Reiner in “Fire Sale.” Caricature by Al Hirschfeld for “The In-Laws.” Alan Arkin

Shatnerthon: The Bitter End

So here we are, the actual real final this-is-it end of the Shatnerthon. Le sigh. As much work as it was — and it turns out blogathons are a lot more work than you expect them to be, by the way — I felt genuinely sad when I posted the last Shatnerthonians list last Friday. But that was only the almost-end, which is why we are wrapping up the Shatnerthon today.First up, two last entries into the Shatnerthon: * Kris of Kris’ Movie Reviews loves “T.J. Hooker” and is not ashamed to say it, nor should she be. * Ed at Ed’s Omniscient Overview made a nifty collage of some of his favorite Shatnerthon moments. Ed also made the Garfield mock-up that graces the top of this page. Next, the winners of the random drawing! I printed out the names of the contributors and put them in an actual hat. It was the easiest on my blood pressure, because there was no way I was going to be able to decide whose posts were the best, as I quite literally liked them all. Winner #1: W.B. Kelso of Scenes from the Morgue and 3B: Micro Brewed Reviews! You have won the Twilight Zone Vol. 9 with “Nick of Time” and 3 other episodes, as well as the 4-DVD set “20 Great Westerns: Heroes and Bandits” — which gives you another copy of “White Comanche”! I am quite frankly laughing my ass off at that. Winner #2: Judy of Costume Drama … Continue reading

Shatnerthonians Day 5: The Big Finale!

Hooray! The big day is here! Thanks to all of you for joining me for this week of fine Shatner-based products. It has been a hectic week but an absolute blast, and I hope you had as much fun as I did. Wanting to find out who won the big giveaway? Check in early next week, when I will draw names for the winners! Submissions for days 1-4 are on the master list now, and today’s will be added soon. If you don’t see your post either here or at the master list, tell me! I will be doing one final Shatnerthon post on Monday or Tuesday, so if there are stragglers or anyone I missed, there is time to catch up. Today’s submissions are amazing. Hell, every day has had nothing but amazing entries from terrific bloggers. I thought I would get at least one joker with a quickie MS Paint stick figure drawing and “LOL KIRK” as a caption, but no, everything has been phenomenal. Again, thank you all, and thank you William Shatner, where ever you are. *** Allen Hefner, the Bit Part Blogger gives us a look at bit actors Mark Lenard and Persis Khambatta in ST:TMP. In a wonderful video entry, Francesca has given us a unique and fun look at TOS Captain Kirk featuring Walt Whitman’s celebration of the male body:Check out her full entry at l’astronave with notes, as well as her sidebar with links to more of her glorious Star Trek fan … Continue reading