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It’s the middle of the holidays, so a little light blogging seems in order.

Blackglama furs has a fun little site where you can see previous ads from their iconic advertising campaign which features a lot of Hollywood royalty. Click here and go to “Campaign” to see more.

The website has just the photographs, not the photos as used in advertising, and they’re kind of small to boot. Google is kind enough to lead us to scans of the actual advertisements. Here’s Bette:

A couple more favorites. Barbara Stanwyck, 1970:

Tommy Tune, 1994:

Here’s Judy in her 1968 ad, less than a year before she died. Warhol later used the image in the 1980s for a series of artwork and revamped advertisements for Blackglama.

Speaking of Judy, here’s an ad of hers I’ve always loved. I first saw the actual ad, apparently cut out of a vintage magazine and framed, in our local Applebee’s, which used to have movie related items nailed to the walls. A few years ago they took it all down and replaced it with generic sports crap, and I always wondered who got this ad. Judy looks so beautiful here. From about 1945.

The above scan from The Glam Guide’s excellent post on the recently-departed Max Factor. Check out the other ads in the entry!

Here’s another Judy Max Factor ad, using the same picture from the above ad but with a different surrounding design. Pic from The Max Factor Museum:

Another Judy ad. She looks all kinds of odd in this one:

For more, go to the Judy Garland Database advertisement section.


  1. Nice selection – Thanks for posting. Is Tommy Tune wearing leggings made of TAILS? That’s kitsch! I just got an order of black fox tails from eBay. I’m going to stitch them end to end for a cosy scarf. Not for a fashion statement, just for the warmth.

  2. I think that his hep fur bellbottoms are either tails or fur in a sort of quilted look, yeah. I love how the top half of his ad looks like the cover of a romance novel, the bottom half is ALL FUR!

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