Annette Kellerman

Above: A page of diving positions depicting swimmer and silent film star Annette Kellerman from Bernarr Macfadden’s 1928 book The Encyclopedia of Physical Culture. Interestingly, I stumbled across a slideshow of photos by Frederick W. Glasier. As you can see, he apparently took the photos for Macfadden’s book: And just …

Tallulah, Redux (Again)

This photo has appeared on SBBN before, but it’s the iconic image from this photo set so I had to include it. This is a series of photos credited as anywhere from 1930 to 1955, most often as September, 1951 at the infamous Ritz Hotel press conference. Yet I noticed …

Ann Pennington, Oscar Levant, and Carole Lombard: A Night Parade Followup

Ann Pennington was easily the best human part of this dud of a film — the best part being the amazing art deco, by the way — and her hiked-over-the-hips ostrich feather skirt that did half of the dancing for her was stunning.

Flappers, Kreativity, and Art Deco

A few things, then some pretty pretty pictures. Do you love flappers? Sure, we all do! That’s why I want to direct you to Flapperdoodle Kate’s sale at Etsy: Until January 21, she is selling her mini-prints for $1 each. One. Dollar. Her art is amazing and her flappers are …

Fur & Factor

It’s the middle of the holidays, so a little light blogging seems in order. Blackglama furs has a fun little site where you can see previous ads from their iconic advertising campaign which features a lot of Hollywood royalty. Click here and go to “Campaign” to see more. The website …

Barbara Leonard

A little art deco glamour: Barbara Leonard from Monsieur le Fox (1930)

Anna May Wong

Anna May Wong from the film “Forty Winks”.