Secret Life of Objects: Female & Footlight Parade

Back in April, I briefly blogged about Female (1933), and a kind commenter mentioned that the swimming pool at Alison’s ridiculously amazing home was the set used in Footlight Parade.

The “By a Waterfall” set in Footlight Parade:

footlight parade set

A close-up of the set just in front of the fountain as it appeared in Female:

female 1933

They added some wacky art deco statues of nekked mens and some plants to the fountain, but that’s the same pool all right. You can see it on this segment of Female on YouTube here, starting at 1:55.

Meanwhile, one of those wacky art deco men crashed a Corrine Griffith photo shoot:

corinne griffith

Thank you once again, The Secret Life of Objects, for making movies even more fun than they already are.



  1. I love that article. Thanks for linking to it!

    I just want some Dick Powell for my garden. lol

    Now I’m going to be keeping eyes out for these things. I do notice in Star Trek episodes how often they use the backlot… wonder what other movies I’ve seen those streets in?

  2. Fascinating to know this! I have seen ‘Female’, but need to rewatch it now that I know William Wellman directed part of it, and look out for his touches – I’m wondering now if the use of the tune “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”, as in The Public Enemy, is a pointer to scenes where he was at the helm. Anyway, when I watch it again I will definitely look out for the pool, fountain, statues etc…

  3. Oh, Florence, if we could grow Dick in our gardens, we’d never have to leave our homes.

    Judy, I couldn’t tell which parts were Wellman’s and which weren’t, but I’m not really good at that kind of thing, either. It just didn’t feel overall like a Wellman movie for some reason that I can’t fully explain.

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