Ann Pennington, Oscar Levant, and Carole Lombard: A Night Parade Followup

Ann Pennington was easily the best human part of this dud of a film — the best part being the amazing art deco, by the way — and her hiked-over-the-hips ostrich feather skirt that did half of the dancing for her was stunning.

Spies (1928)

Fritz Lang’s magnificent Spies (1928) is so obviously the precursor to the post-modern spy thriller that I can’t help but wonder why more people don’t discuss it.  One of the things that is so fabulous about the film is that it rarely delves into stereotype, but that is most certainly …

Flappers, Kreativity, and Art Deco

A few things, then some pretty pretty pictures. Do you love flappers? Sure, we all do! That’s why I want to direct you to Flapperdoodle Kate’s sale at Etsy: Until January 21, she is selling her mini-prints for $1 each. One. Dollar. Her art is amazing and her flappers are …

Barbara Leonard

A little art deco glamour: Barbara Leonard from Monsieur le Fox (1930)