Gerda Maurus

You know when I said I’d see you on the New Year? I accidentally lied. First of all, important notice: World O’ Crap has moved! Hackers hacked, that’s all I know. Now World O’Crap is at a new blog address. Go! Enjoy! And now, some lovely Gerda Maurus for your between-holiday enjoyment. Few of these…

Santa Claus vs the Beauties

Santa with Beauties Phyllis Haver, Harriet Hammond, and Marie Prevost… but I could be wrong! joltenjoeswife identifies the third Beauty as Mary Thurman.

Spies (1928)

Fritz Lang’s magnificent Spies (1928) is so obviously the precursor to the post-modern spy thriller that I can’t help but wonder why more people don’t discuss it.  One of the things that is so fabulous about the film is that it rarely delves into stereotype, but that is most certainly because the now-well-known elements of…

Santa Jack

My best boyfriend Jack having an off day. Please leave your puns about his beard at the door.

TCM Remembers 2010

This year’s TCM Remembers premiered yesterday, December 12th: The direct link to TCM’s version is here. The song is “Headlights” by Sophie Hunger from the album “1983”.

Recently Watched: Hildegarde Withers

All three of the Edna Mae Oliver “Hildegarde Withers” murder mystery vehicles were recently show on TCM in a little mini marathon. First up was The Penguin Pool Murder: Anyhow, the Hildegarde Withers series. This series consists of six films that ran from 1932 to 1937, with only the first three starring Edna Mae Oliver,…

The IMDb: Now Slightly More Accurate!

In celebration of the IMDb finally correcting their entry for “The Locked Door” (1929) and removing Marie Prevost as a cast member, here are two promos from the film I forgot to post nearly 2 years ago: I was told that the person who added Marie to the cast list had not contributed anything else…

Frances Marion & Fred Thomson

Frances Marion and “The Wind” at Mythical Monkey Writes About the Movies “Even for Talkies, the Women Who Wrote Worked Silently” by Cari Beauchamp “Hollywood Pioneer Frances Marion: The Most Renowned Female Scriptwriter of the 20th Century” by P. Ryan Anthony.

Short Subject, Feature Film: Okay, Jose & Broadway Melody of 1936

Welcome to the first installment of Short Subject, Feature Film, a name that took hours to come up with, so feel free to bask in its genius. First up is the short, an early Technicolor romp called “Okay, Jose” starring my friend and yours, El Brendel: If you’re wondering how 1935 Technicolor could look so…

Bette Davis Project #13: That Certain Woman (1937)

That Certain Woman (1937) is, thus far, one of my favorite Bette films and a real delight to stumble upon during this Project. Sadly, my copy of the film is poor, which you’ll confirm by looking at my screencaps. It’s available on DVD now, so if you get a chance to see this film, do!…